Causes of a Fire Accident

fire accident

A fire accident is a tragic event that can cause property destruction and life-changing injuries such as disfigurement, permanent disability and even death. Sadly, the underlying causes of fire accidents often stem from the negligence or fault of another person. Whether it is faulty construction, improper maintenance of appliances and equipment, inadequate safety precautions on a jobsite or other negligent conduct, proving the causative factors of a fire accident may allow an injured party to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

The most common causes of a fire accident at home or work can be traced back to electrical issues, combustible materials or smoking in the presence of flammable substances. Many people may not realize the danger that these hazards pose. Even the smallest spark can quickly turn into a raging inferno, leaving behind nothing but smoldering wreckage and toxic fumes that can cause serious health problems, including burns to the skin, smoke inhalation and long-term respiratory damage.

Appliances or Equipment

Faulty wiring, defective products and careless use of electrical devices account for a large number of fire accidents every year. Among these are kitchen cooking appliances such as stoves or ovens, heating apparatus like space heaters or central heating and air conditioning like HVAC, torches, burners or soldering or welding gear, clothes washers or dryers or any other device that requires an electrical power source or creates a heat source.

Chemicals: Chemicals capable of combustion are everywhere in our urban environments, from industrial manufacturing chemicals to household cleaning supplies. Despite the many safety regulations in place, workplaces and homes still see some major accidents from these flammable substances.

Cooking: Restaurants and bakeries are filled with the potential for minor kitchen problems. Overflowing trash bins, food left in toaster ovens too long and distracted workers can lead to disaster. Electrical Issues: As with the case of homes, the older a building is, the more likely it is to experience electrical issues.

Typically, the first call to make after a fire is to your insurance agent so that they can inform you of what to do next. If you have been displaced, they can often assist you with getting an advance on your loss of use portion of your claim to help pay for temporary living expenses. It’s also a good idea to start an inventory of your possessions that were damaged or destroyed in the fire, if it is safe to do so. Having these records can help you establish an actual cash value at the time of your settlement so that you can replace the items lost with new ones. This can prevent you from receiving an unfair amount for your lost items. Taking one day at a time will also help you navigate this difficult process. It’s important to have a plan for what to do next so that you don’t fall into despair and give up on recovering from this tragedy. It will take time, but you can get through this.

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