Fire Protection – How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe From Fire

There are a variety of ways to protect your home and family from fire. These include smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and having an escape plan. Many of these fire safety measures are inexpensive, making them easy for any household to implement.

Fire protection also includes a number of features that are built into new buildings or upgraded building structures to meet certain fire safety codes and standards. For example, some buildings have compartmentation features that make it easy for firefighters to contain a fire to a small area within the building and keep occupants safe.

The most important part of fire protection is the use of smoke detectors, which can alert you and your family to a possible fire before it causes any real damage. Make sure your smoke alarms are working and change the batteries each year. In addition, it is a good idea to have multiple exits from every room in your house and practice your escape plan with your family. You should know two ways out of each room and remove anything that could block the way during a fire such as furniture, curtains or other objects.

In addition to smoke detectors, it is a good idea to have fire extinguishers on hand to extinguish small fires before they can spread and cause more damage. If you have a woodstove or fireplace, have the chimney inspected and cleaned each year to avoid buildup that can lead to a fire.

When designing or upgrading a building, engineers often implement fire protection features like fire resistant walls, floors and ceilings to prevent the spread of a fire. Other fire safety features like fire stopping solutions are used to seal penetrations through these barriers in order to limit the amount of heat and smoke that can get into a room.

Fire safety is just as important for businesses. If a business is forced to shut down due to a fire, it can cost the company millions of dollars in lost revenue and the loss of valuable equipment. Businesses need to take a proactive approach to keeping their buildings and employees safe.

A fire protection system is a critical investment for any business. In the long run, a fire protection system can save millions of dollars in repairs and loss of revenue. If you’re considering installing a fire protection system, talk to an expert.

If you’re in an area with wildfire smoke, stay inside as much as possible and limit your physical activities. Smoke from wildfires can trigger asthma and other health problems in children and adults, and can even be deadly for those with heart disease or respiratory illnesses. If you must go outside, wear a mask and consider using air filters in your home to reduce the amount of wildfire smoke you are breathing in. Check the AirNow and NOAA’s websites for updates on wildfire smoke in your area. AirNow’s “Smoke and Radiation Map” shows wildfire smoke from across North America.

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