Fire Stations

fire stations

While some fire departments have full-time firefighters, others only have part-time employees who drive to the station during emergencies. For this reason, fire stations must be built with the environment in mind. They should also be well ventilated. Furthermore, if the fire station is located in a residential area, planning for expansion and future growth should be considered. Additionally, the design should consider the firefighter’s quality of life. To encourage the quality of life of firefighters, separate dorm rooms with individual lockers should be included in the fire station’s construction.

Many fire stations are used by career firefighters, as well as by volunteers. Volunteer firefighters and retained fire departments may also call upon these stations to fight a fire. Usually, firefighters are alerted by pager, radio, or siren and deploy the fire engine to the scene. Some fire stations include a kitchen, office space, library materials, and trophy walls. In addition, they may also provide community education. This type of fire station also supports local and regional communities and offers a sense of community.

In addition to the apparatus bay itself, fire stations also house support functions. These spaces include cleaning areas for fire apparatus and maintenance tools, as well as maintenance areas for firefighters’ protective clothing. They also include secure storage of medical supplies. There are also specialized areas for disinfecting protective equipment. In addition, some fire stations have a chief’s office, complete with sleeping quarters. Some fire stations even have a computer training facility or a dispatch room.

Redwood City Fire Department Station 12 was dedicated on Sept. 21, 1969. It was the fourth paid Redwood City fire station. It was formerly known as Station 2 before a county-wide numbering system was implemented. It is located in the city’s largest geographic district and houses Engine 10 and Reserve Engine 110. It is staffed by a captain and firefighter. It is an impressive building that has an unobstructed view of San Francisco Bay.

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