Fire Stations in Marietta, Oklahoma, Are Located Throughout the City

The support functions of fire stations include vehicle maintenance, cleaning areas for SCBA and fire extinguishers, and storage areas for equipment and medical supplies. Administrative spaces are necessary for dispatching and training personnel, as well as secure storage for SCBA and medical supplies. Some fire stations also have a chief’s office, complete with sleeping accommodations. Some also have computer training rooms, while others may have all of these amenities built into their main structure.

Fire Stations in Marietta, Oklahoma, are located in neighborhoods throughout the city. Fire stations are located in neighborhoods across the city, such as Lakewood, Roseville and West Valley. These stations are typically located in residential neighborhoods. Some are more modern than others, but each has its own unique set of features. For example, a fire station might have a drive-through bay. There are also EMS and decontamination trailers, which can be deployed through a mutual aid request.

Depending on their mission, fire stations are typically named after their primary apparatus or fire company. Others are named after their location or number. In most cases, fire stations contain garages to house at least one fire engine and storage space for equipment. A fire engine is the most important piece of equipment, so a fire station will have plenty of space to store it. Fire stations also feature apparatus bays, which is where emergency response vehicles are kept. Located adjacent to the fire department’s headquarters, firefighters can respond quickly to a call.

Fire stations may include several buildings, depending on the size and use. Some fire stations are not regularly occupied. Volunteer firefighters, or retained firefighters, may respond to a fire. During their shift, firefighters will respond by radio, pager, or siren to the call. A fire station may also house office space and a trophy wall. Firefighter quality of life is another key feature. Some fire stations also include individual dorm rooms for firefighters.

Throughout the year, there are two kinds of fire stations: volunteer and career. Volunteer fire companies provide emergency service, but are independent organizations. They have their own board of directors, command structure, and resources. Volunteer fire companies also serve alongside career personnel on emergency scenes. Volunteer companies receive millions of dollars in financial support from the County Emergency Management Agency and raise funds by participating in various fundraising activities. The volunteer companies also work with career personnel in training exercises.

Two fire stations are located in Redwood City. The Station 13 station is staffed with a firefighter/paramedic and a captain. This station is home to the Engine 11, Utility 11, and Boat 11. The latter is an inflatable 20-foot Zodiac that serves as a rescue vessel. In addition, Station 20 has an antique Seagrave pumper that is used in the 4th of July parade. It even chauffeurs Santa Claus during the holidays.

The Redwood City Fire Department’s Station 10 was dedicated on March 20, 1982. It is two stories with a loft, four bedrooms, and separate restrooms for men and women. Its previous name was Redwood City Fire Department Station 2, but was designated “Station 10” as part of the county-wide numbering system. Located in the city’s largest geographical district, Station 10 houses Engine 10 and Reserve Engine 110. The station also houses the administrative staff, Fire Prevention Bureau, Breathing Support 9, Battalion 3, and San Mateo County Communications.

Station #11 is the oldest station in the city. The station opened as Station #3 on Bay & 2nd Avenue in 1952. In those days, this area was not well-developed and the streets were unpaved. It was an ideal location for a fire station. During this time, there were few other fire stations. The location of this station is the only station that was not built in the city’s central core. Despite the location, Station #11 is the oldest station in the city.

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