Fire Stations in Monroe County, NY

fire stations

Fire stations are buildings where firefighters keep their personal protective equipment and other specialized equipment. Many fire stations also serve as living spaces for firefighters. The purpose of fire stations is to protect the community from fires. In addition to keeping these facilities well-stocked, fire stations provide a safe and comfortable place for firefighters to live. Here are some facts about fire stations. Keep reading to learn more. And be sure to visit a fire station when you’re in the area!

Many fire stations also house career firefighters. The firefighters live in these facilities and wait for calls. They can even sleep during the nighttime shift. Firefighters are always equipped with alarm systems so they know when an emergency is about to happen and what type of emergency it is. The alarms will alert the firefighters of the exact location of the emergency. Firefighters will use this information to decide what steps they need to take if the emergency occurs. Many fire stations also host fundraisers to help support the community.

In addition to the apparatus bays, fire stations will also have space for vehicle maintenance. The space is equipped with a heavy-duty lift and all necessary utility connections. Other areas in fire stations include administrative and training areas. These facilities also include standard offices, conference rooms, and training rooms. Some fire stations have a chief’s office, complete with sleeping accommodations. There may be a dispatch room or computer training facilities for emergency call takers.

Station #11 was built in 2001 at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Broadway. It is in the Bayside neighborhood, and roughly encompasses two districts: Menlo Park and Atherton. The district has three elementary schools and US 101 runs through the area. The station was named after the street on which it is located. Stations #11 and #3 were built to meet the needs of residents of the area. The Bayside district was a very poor area at the time.

Fire departments in Monroe County, NY have an ISO rating of 3 for their fire stations. The ISO rating is a result of a rigorous analysis of data. Fire departments are evaluated on all of the major elements of their community’s fire protection system. This assessment also helps insurance companies determine what their premiums are, which ultimately affects their decision-making. Consequently, fire insurance rates in a community with a good PPC score will be lower than those in a community with a low PPC score.

Throughout Baltimore County, there are 25 career and 29 volunteer fire stations. Twenty-five career fire departments provide service 24 hours a day. These stations receive tax dollars, while the 29 volunteer fire companies are nonprofit organizations organized under the Baltimore County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. The volunteer companies maintain their own boards and command structures, and work side-by-side with career personnel at emergency scenes. Volunteer fire departments receive millions of dollars in financial support each year from the County. Many are also funded through fundraising efforts.

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