Fire Stations in Spokane

fire stations

The support functions that are needed at fire stations include vehicle and apparatus maintenance, SCBA cleaning areas, and storage areas for equipment and medical supplies. Additionally, fire stations typically have administrative areas that house staff members and provide meeting rooms, conference rooms, and training facilities. The headquarters building may include a chief’s office with sleeping quarters and specialized areas for dispatch and computer training. Some fire stations include additional amenities for firefighters such as a fitness room and dorm rooms.

Some fire stations are used for recreational purposes and to house career firefighters. They may also have offices, library materials, and a trophy wall. The interior of a fire station is typically organized to accommodate different needs of firefighters and the community. Most fire stations are occupied by trained fire fighters, but they may also host community education programs. During these events, firefighters can relax and unwind while staying safe in their accommodations. But before you decide to build a fire station, make sure to consider the needs of your community and your budget.

In Spokane, firefighters and EMTs are separated into distinct stations. Each fire department has a hierarchy of command, and firefighters must always follow orders from their superiors. In addition to their training duties, firefighters and EMTs may also hold public activities at their fire stations, such as events held during “fire prevention week.”

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