Human Error in a Fire Accident

Fire accidents can cause devastating injuries and even death. Many victims suffer severe burns that require extensive treatment, resulting in lifelong medical and rehabilitative expenses. In addition, the emotional trauma and loss of quality of life that result from severe burn injuries are often incredibly debilitating. Victims of burn injuries should consult with a burn injury attorney as soon as possible to determine if they have a case. A successful case may lead to a large settlement that can cover the victims’ expenses and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Human Error

The majority of fires in homes and workplaces are caused by careless behavior or negligence. This can include a lack of attention, carelessness or disregard for safety rules. For example, a person might leave candles burning in a room or forget to turn off an electric appliance while cooking dinner. In the workplace, it’s common for workers to use power tools and equipment that could cause a fire if they are not properly maintained.

Several studies have shown that there are certain groups of people who are at greater risk for a fire accident, including young children, elderly people, smokers, persons with disabilities or addictions, single-family households and low-income neighborhoods. These populations are more likely to be displaced from their homes and lose valuable personal belongings. They may also be at a higher risk for suffering from smoke inhalation, which can be just as harmful as actual flames.

Faulty appliances and equipment account for a significant number of fires every year. These can include kitchen stoves or ovens, heaters and space heaters, heating lamps, torches, welding equipment and computers. Many of these incidents are due to faulty design, manufacturing or maintenance. Buildings and work areas that contain older electrical systems or wiring are also at a higher risk of fire accidents.

Cluttered workspaces can also increase the risk of a fire accident. Unmarked electrical devices, piles of paper and other clutter can create confusion during an emergency. In addition, it can make it harder to escape from a fire or locate the exits.

In the workplace, clutter can fuel fires that are caused by flammable chemicals, paper products and combustible dust. Keeping workspaces clean, labeling chemicals and providing employees with proper training on how to safely handle these substances can reduce the likelihood of a fire accident.

If you have suffered burns in a fire accident, a skilled burn injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need. A successful lawsuit can help you pay for your medical and rehabilitative expenses as well as non-tangible costs such as pain, suffering and disfigurement.

A qualified burn accident lawyer can help you determine if filing a negligence lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim is the best path forward to obtain maximum compensation for your losses. Contact a burn injury law firm today to schedule your free consultation. Our experienced attorneys will review your case and explain your legal rights.

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