Keep Your Community Safe With Fire Trucks

fire trucks

When you see a fire truck coming down the road, honking its horn and flashing its lights, you know that it’s time to move over and make way. The red vehicle will quickly escort firefighters and important tools to the scene of the fire. Fire trucks are essential in any city, but they come in many different types and sizes. Some of these vehicles are even used for specialized rescue missions, such as fighting brush fires.

While red is the most common color for fire emergency vehicles, these trucks can also be found in yellow, green, blue, orange and black. These vehicles may be outfitted with different kinds of equipment depending on the needs of the fire department, such as foam units, extinguishing powder units and more. Some fire trucks can be equipped with a hydraulic boom, which extends from the back of the vehicle. This can be very useful in situations where a fire is located in hard-to-reach areas.

Most people are familiar with the conventional fire truck that you can see at every fire scene. It’s the vehicle that carries firefighters and their equipment to the fire scene, including ladders, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatuses, water supplies and more. Often, this firetruck will also include a fixed deluge gun or master stream that allows for a heavy spray of water to be directed toward the fire. When this onboard water supply runs low, these fire trucks are often connected to external fire hydrants and other sources of water.

Fire trucks can also be equipped with various other kinds of specialized equipment, including fire suppression systems, mobile command centers, hazmat units and more. Some fire departments will even convert a vehicle like a helicopter, boat or ATV into a firefighting apparatus for more unique emergencies.

Traditionally, firefighters sat on the side of or stood on the rear of fire trucks, which was a very dangerous arrangement. Today, most firetrucks have fully enclosed seating areas that protect the crew from the elements and ensure their safety while responding to an emergency call.

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Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Roberta, who wondered, “Why are firetrucks red?”

In the past, it was common for fire trucks to be painted in bright colors in order to stand out from other cars on the road and make it easier for firefighters to spot them at a scene. However, modern studies have shown that it’s actually safer and more effective for firetrucks to be painted in lime green or yellow. In fact, a study that looked at over 750,000 emergency vehicle trips showed that vehicles in these colors were half as likely to be involved in intersection accidents as red firetrucks.

Fire trucks are essential to any city, and they can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. We hope this article has helped you learn more about these vital vehicles.

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