New York Fire Accident Lawsuits

fire accident

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of a fire accident, there are many legal avenues open to you. Fire accidents typically result in burn injuries, which require expensive and painful medical treatments. It can take years to recover from a fire injury. You may be entitled to compensation for any lost wages or medical costs associated with your fire-related injuries.

You may be able to minimize scarring with the right treatment. If you have a full-thickness burn, you may be eligible for skin grafting. However, you should be aware that scar tissue is less elastic than the surrounding skin, and scarring can result in disfigurement, particularly if too much skin is removed and/or the scars are improperly placed. Furthermore, some fire injuries can cause vision loss or eye damage. This can occur due to the particulate matter and chemicals produced during the fire.

The fire at the Happy Land apartment in the Bronx killed 19 people, and left many others critically injured. It caused an extensive amount of smoke to fill the entire building. The residents of the building were mostly Black and Latino. Statistics showed that, despite these statistics, Black people died in “accidental” residential fires more than double the number of White people. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro blamed a malfunctioning portable electric space heater for the fire, which spread quickly and easily.

Another common cause of fire accidents is improper building maintenance. A poorly maintained building may have improper wiring, or gas lines could be faulty. This can lead to fire, as well as poisoning. A gas heater can ignite dust if not properly maintained. Also, unintentional exposure to electrical sparks can ignite flammable materials in the surrounding area.

Regardless of the cause of a fire accident, you need the assistance of a legal professional. A fire accident attorney in New York can assist you and help you get compensated for the losses you’ve suffered. Whether the accident was caused by negligence or an accident involving faulty fuel lines, a wrongful death may be possible.

Fire accidents at construction sites are often caused by electrical equipment or fumes. If a worker is unaware of buried electrical lines, they could ignite them, causing a fire. It is important to always put out cigarette smoke in a glass or metal container, and not to spread the ashes all over flammable materials. A negligent landlord could also be held liable for a fire accident if they fail to properly inspect the building. Ultimately, these fires can cause tremendous financial losses to the victims.

An explosion or fire can cause severe injuries. The victim may sustain burns, or chemical burns. The victims may require long-term rehabilitation, and may require surgery. Some injuries can even result in limb loss.

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