Some Facts About Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles

fire trucks

A fire truck is a road vehicle that functions as a firefighting apparatus. Its main functions include transporting firefighters and water, as well as carrying equipment necessary for firefighting operations. These vehicles are very important in an emergency situation, as they will help save lives and protect property. They also make rescue and recovery operations possible. Here are some facts about fire trucks and their uses. Read on to learn more! Here are some facts about fire trucks and rescue vehicles.

Fire trucks are available in different types, and each has a different function. For example, some fire trucks are used for wildland fires, while others are used for suburban settings. Each ‘type’ of fire truck has specific components and is equipped with specific gear. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has standards and terminology to help fire departments choose the best vehicle for their needs.

Fire trucks also carry a variety of safety equipment, including helmets and breathing apparatus (SCBA). Many fire trucks can accommodate most of the crew for transportation to the fire scene. They feature two compartments, a front section for the driver and captain, and a rear section for the rest of the crew. SCBAs are stored in special seats in the back of the cab, making it easier for firefighters to gear up and get ready for action. Moreover, many of these trucks have built-in headsets for firefighters.

The air tanks on these vehicles hold about 40 minutes of air. These tanks are directly attached to the firefighters’ seats, so they are easy to reach and strap onto. Moreover, they can be attached to the firefighters while they are seated, thus enabling them to get out of the burning building faster. The tanks are also stocked with oxygen, defibrillators, and other first aid supplies to help people in need.

While a fire engine is a vehicle used for putting out fires, a fire truck is a specialized vehicle. It is equipped with water and hoses, and can aggressively battle a fire. It also carries ladders, rescue equipment, and other tools. Though they are often used interchangeably, many fire services and departments use them to refer to different types of vehicles. The differences between the two types of vehicles are important to know.

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