The Importance of Fire Protection

Fire protection is a key piece of the safety puzzle. Whether it’s required by code, mandated by insurance or simply good business sense, having a fire protection system in place can significantly reduce property damage and save lives.

A fire suppression system is designed to suppress fires with a highly concentrated substance. When a fire is detected in a facility, an alarm will sound and the system will begin to discharge the suppression agent. This can include inert gases, water, liquid chemicals, or other substances. The systems can be customized to fit the needs of your business and space.

Some fire protection systems can even detect and extinguish a small fire before it can spread, which will save valuable products or equipment that may be in the line of fire’s path. This type of fire detection and suppression is especially beneficial for facilities that house state-of-the-art computer hardware, warehouses with pallet storage or medical and surgical equipment.

If your home is threatened by a wildfire, be sure to follow local warnings and advice from your local authorities. If you live in a high-risk area, clear a “defensible space” of at least 5 feet around your home or shed and remove all combustible materials.

Smoke alarms can help to alert you to a fire in the early stages, so you have time to escape. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and a smoke detector in every room, and make sure to replace batteries frequently.

Practice your emergency evacuation plan with your family so everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire. It is also important to test your smoke detectors regularly and keep them clean so they will work when you need them most.

Keep a fire protection plan for your business that includes procedures for evacuating employees or patrons to safety. Some fire protection plans are required by code or insurance requirements, so check with your local authorities for more information.

Keeping an eye on the latest developments in technology can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fire protection. For example, the latest generation of fire suppression systems uses eco-friendly materials and are customizable to your specific business.

In addition to being safe and efficient, these systems are cost effective and provide peace of mind for your business and customers. Keep in mind that a fire protection system should be regularly inspected and serviced by certified, non-product affiliated professionals. The fire protection industry is advancing rapidly, and you want to be sure that your system is up to date. A well-maintained system can be up to 80% more effective than a neglected one. Contact your local Keystone Fire and Security fire protection specialist for more information. We are proud to offer a variety of fire protection services that can be custom-tailored to your business. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you protect your assets and customers. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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