The Importance of Fire Trucks

A fire truck is a sight that’s recognizable almost anywhere. These massive vehicles combine a pump, water tanks equipped with gallons of water and long water hoses that help firefighters extinguish flames and save lives. Fire trucks also have tools like ladders and emergency lights that can quickly access areas in need of rescue. They often contain thermal imaging cameras to assess safe entry points into a burning building, as well as rescue equipment such as harnesses and ropes.

You may have wondered why fire trucks are painted red. One theory is that the color was chosen to stand out from other vehicles, so it would be easy for other drivers and pedestrians to see the vehicle as it approaches an incident. Another theory is that the color red symbolizes courage and heroism, both characteristics needed to fight fires and perform rescue operations.

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that fire trucks are important to protecting our communities. In fact, it’s estimated that there are around 3,700 fire departments in the United States alone, and each of those needs to have a dedicated fleet of vehicles to respond to emergencies.

Firefighting apparatus has a long history, dating back to when it first began as a horse-drawn carriage and eventually evolved into the motorized fire trucks we see today. Once motorized vehicles became more commonplace, manufacturers like Ahrens-Fox started designing and manufacturing them for use by fire departments across the country.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 1906, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, and the NWCG standards for wildland fire resource typing classify these vehicles by type and function. This ensures that the vehicle you see responding to a fire in one city or town is using the same equipment as the fire trucks used in other cities or towns, which helps coordinate support and resources.

As you might expect, these specialized trucks vary widely in size and configuration, with each configured for a specific type of emergency. The largest truck, a quint, combines a fire engine and an aerial ladder to give firefighters the capability to reach high-rise buildings that may be in need of rescue. Other specialty trucks include the turntable ladder, which is designed to access high-rise buildings via a hydraulic arm on the side of the truck, and the tiller, which is a tractor-trailer (like 18-wheelers on the highway) with the ladder mounted on top.

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