Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

A fire truck is a type of heavy duty vehicle used to respond to a variety of fire and rescue emergencies. They are generally driven by a senior officer and come equipped with lightbars, sirens, radios and other specialized equipment.

Depending on the specific needs of a fire department, firefighters can deploy from any one of several different types of fire trucks. The most common fire trucks in use today are based on commercial vehicles that have been customised for firefighting purposes.

The most popular type of fire truck is called a “pumper.” These rigs typically have a water tank that holds hundreds of gallons of water. This water is then pumped into the fire to help put it out. These rigs also have a variety of hoses that can be used to fight the fire.

Another type of fire truck is the tanker which carries water from a main source. This can be a fire hydrant or a private supply source like a city water plant or farm. These are often larger rigs with more hoses and can carry more water than a fire engine.

These fire trucks also include a preconnect which is a hose line that’s already attached to the truck. This saves time on the scene by making it easier for firefighters to switch to a hydrant or other water supply when they need to.

There are also some engines that have a fixed deluge gun which is a large nozzle attached to the front of the truck and can spray water on the fire at very high speeds. This can help cut down on the amount of time it takes to extinguish a fire and allows for more time to focus on other aspects of the job at hand.

Some engines even have a winch which can be used to pull down cars or other vehicles that are on the ground. These rigs can be especially useful when the fire has damaged a structure and the firefighters need to take it down so they can get to the fire safely.

When there is a chemical or toxin emergency, firefighters will often dispatch a special HazMat truck. These fire rigs are specifically designed and built to protect the public from toxic hazards.

A third type of fire truck is a brush truck or wildland fire truck which is primarily used to fight brush fires. These rigs are usually based on commercial 4×4 chassis and can handle variable terrain.

NFPA standards have classified fire trucks into different ‘types’, which specify the specific features and tools they must have. This is important because it allows departments to choose the best equipment for their unique community and firefighting priorities.

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