Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

When we think of fire trucks, we picture large vehicles that have blazing lights and sirens. However, the truth is that there are many different types of fire trucks and each one serves its own purpose. Fire trucks are a huge part of a firefighting team and they carry all the essential equipment from a station to a scene, including ladders, power tools, water tanks, and much more.

The most familiar type of fire truck is the conventional fire engine, which carries all the basic equipment from a fire station to the scene of an incident. It is the most commonly used rig in the United States and is capable of transporting firefighters, ladders, breathing apparatuses, hydraulic rescue tools, and even floodlights. These rigs are usually reserved for urban areas and can range from Type 1 trucks all the way up to the larger Type 2 fire engines.

These trucks also have a pump that is capable of sending out a heavy stream of water for firefighters to utilize at the fire scene. They can also be connected to external and more permanent sources of water like fire hydrants or water tenders, which are trucks that are solely used for sending out water to fire scenes.

A variation of the conventional fire engine is the tiller, which has a unique design and offers an impressive amount of storage space for a variety of tools and equipment. This type of fire truck is ideal for communities or cities that have lots of elevated locations where people work and live, as it can easily reach these high points to deliver water and other emergency resources to these locations.

Another option for fire departments is the aerial truck, which features a tall ladder that extends from the cab of the vehicle to allow firefighters to access higher areas of a building or other structure. These types of fire trucks are very effective for battling large and stubborn fires, as they can provide a direct stream of water to a specific area of the building from above.

Finally, there is the wildland fire engine, which is a single-purpose truck that is designed to help control fires by spraying water at high pressure. These vehicles are able to navigate rough terrain and can carry more water than the other more common fire engine types.

Firefighters are a heroic and dedicated group of individuals, who are ready to help save lives in an emergency. They are equipped with the latest tools and technology to do their jobs well, which includes the right fire trucks. The type of fire truck that a department chooses to use will depend on their unique needs and requirements, but any one of the numerous options available at Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus can be configured in a way that meets those requirements.

Whether you’re in the market for a new fire engine or simply want to see some of our inventory, feel free to contact us today! We can’t wait to show you how we can meet all of your firefighting needs.

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