Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

A fire truck is a special vehicle that contains all of the tools and equipment needed to respond quickly to an emergency call, whether it’s for a house or apartment fire, a car accident with injuries, or a gas leak. These rigs are equipped with sirens and flashing lights that let drivers and pedestrians know that there is an emergency response coming to the scene. In most cases, these rigs also feature firefighting equipment and vehicles like self-contained breathing apparatuses, chainsaws, and the jaws of life that are designed to help rescue people trapped in a building.

There are a few different configurations of fire trucks that can be customized to fit the needs of each local fire department. These trucks include an engine truck, a tanker truck with water tanks and hoses, and a ladder truck that contains a long ladder capable of reaching high places.

An engine truck, also known as a fire hydrant or an engine pumper, is the most common type of fire truck in use today. These large vehicles are usually red and can carry a crew of firefighters as well as all of the required firefighting gear for structural fires. They’re also able to connect to nearby fire hydrants to access a water supply.

Most engine trucks have a master stream appliance on top that’s able to release hundreds of gallons of water at a time to soak the fire. This is a handy feature that saves time by eliminating the need to uncurl hoses and hook up to a water source. Many engine trucks also have preconnects, which are hose lines that are already attached and ready to go. These features allow the firefighters to start fighting the fire as soon as they get to the scene and eliminate the need to spend time preparing their equipment.

If the fire is too intense for an engine truck to handle, a tanker truck can be brought to the scene to provide more water to extinguish the flames. These vehicles have extra water tanks that can hold thousands of gallons of water, so they’re able to stay on the scene for much longer than an engine alone. Some tanker trucks also have a fixed deluge gun, which allows them to blast water in the direction they’re aiming. This can be a huge time-saver for firefighters who can’t afford to waste any seconds while they’re trying to save lives and property.

A ladder truck is a type of fire truck that can extend a ladder to reach tall places or help rescue people from buildings or cars. These rigs are typically made of steel and feature a ladder that can be extended in one or more sections to reach different heights. They also have a basket or bucket at the end of the ladder, which can be used to pick up or hold items like medical supplies, fire extinguishers, or tools.

Some ladder trucks are capable of articulating, which means they can bend in one or more places, making it easier for them to reach difficult spots. These types of trucks are typically used to handle large industrial or commercial fires and can reach a height of more than 95 feet. These rigs are also often painted red so they’re easier to see in poor lighting conditions.

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