Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

Firefighting is dangerous work and it requires specialized equipment to keep firefighters safe while on the job. Fire trucks are large machines that combine the ability to transport firefighters to a scene, as well as pumps and water tanks, hoses and ladders. They also have a number of other features to support crew members and help them get the job done.

Fire departments across the nation operate a variety of different types of fire trucks, and they are classified by their function and design. Some of the most common are engine trucks, water tenders and aerial apparatus trucks. Each type is categorized by its specific functionality and its use in particular situations.

An engine truck is the basic vehicle that most people think of when they imagine a fire truck. The name refers to the combination of a pump, water tank and hoses. These rigs are usually designed to carry three or four firefighters, and they often include firefighting tools like ground ladders, nozzles, adapters, forcible entry equipment, chainsaws, full EMS gear, hazmat gear and other specialty items based on local needs.

In addition to water, these rigs are typically equipped with a wide range of firefighting chemicals and other special fluids to handle the specifics of a fire. Airport fire trucks, for example, must be able to neutralize aircraft fuel and other hazardous materials that might be present on site. These specialized chemicals are typically stored in containers that allow the crew to safely transfer them from the truck to a fire scene when necessary.

Another feature that differentiates fire trucks is the ability to carry additional breathing supplies. This is particularly important for firefighters who might need to enter a burning building or other dangerous situation. Fire trucks are also equipped with special seats that allow crew members to don their SCBA and stow them away when they are not using them.

The last major distinction between types of fire trucks is the type of terrain they are designed to serve. For example, wildland fire trucks are built to traverse rough terrain and they are generally smaller than engine and water tender models. Firefighters in rural areas rely on these vehicles to transport large quantities of water to the scene when hydrants are either unavailable or difficult to exploit.

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