Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

If you’ve ever been to a fire scene, seen a fire truck in action or watched firefighters work, you know how important these vehicles are. Their job is to help keep people and property safe from a fire or other hazards like explosions. Fire trucks also provide the water, tools and equipment to quickly fight and contain a fire. There are many different types of fire trucks. Some of them include engine trucks, ladder trucks and hydrant trucks. Each one has its own unique set of tools to do the job well.

Despite the variety of names, there are some distinct features that all fire trucks share. For example, all fire trucks must meet NFPA standards and have a certain gross vehicle weight rating when fully loaded. This is a safety feature to ensure that the truck can safely maneuver on and off-road as well as manage the load it has been given.

The most basic type of fire truck is the engine truck. In some regions, this vehicle is also referred to as a fire lorry or fire wagon. These trucks are designed to transport firefighters from the fire station to the fire site. They are equipped with hoses that firefighters can use to pump water from fire hydrants or other water sources at the scene. They also carry tools that firefighters can use to extinguish the fire and other specialized equipment to do things like ventilate buildings or perform rescue operations.

These trucks typically have a water tank that can hold up to several hundred gallons of water. They also have a fixed deluge gun, which is a nozzle that delivers a heavy stream of water to the scene. They also have preconnected hose lines, called preconnects, which firefighters can immediately use to start attacking the fire. This saves time and allows firefighters to focus on saving lives and preventing property damage.

Ladder trucks are designed to have ladders of different lengths that firefighters can use to get to the scene of a fire. They also have a hydraulic ladder that can be extended to reach high areas, which is useful for fighting large fires. They can also have ground ladders for accessing smaller buildings. Ladder trucks usually have search and rescue equipment, ventilation tools and forcible entry tools as well.

Some fire departments choose to add a foam system to their trucks, which is called a CAFS or Compressed Air Foam System. These systems can produce Class A or Class B foam that saturates materials to prevent them from re-igniting.

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