Types of Fire Trucks

fire trucks

Fire trucks are a crucial piece of firefighting equipment that help firefighters reach the scene of an emergency or blaze quickly. They’re also designed to deliver water and other firefighting materials, like chemicals and foam, to help extinguish the blaze and save lives. Firefighters also use the vehicles to transport themselves and equipment to and from emergency scenes in a quick, safe way.

There are different types of fire trucks, and each type is configured with a specific set of tools and supplies to meet the needs of its community. NFPA standards and other industry-specific standards set forth the minimum requirements for each vehicle based on its function and the area it serves. This ensures that fire departments across the country can request assistance from other departments using standard engine type specifications and terminology. Having consistent fire truck specifications allows for quick, efficient mutual aid and allows fire departments to know exactly what they can expect from other fire trucks arriving on the scene.

The Type 1 fire truck is designed to carry a crew of 3 or 4 firefighters, and it’s equipped with a large amount of basic gear including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), firefighting tools and hoses, forcible entry equipment, firefighter safety and rescue equipment, chainsaws, full hazmat equipment, advanced life support (ALS) equipment and more. Some jurisdictions also choose to equip their Type 1 fire truck with additional specialized equipment for things like wildland firefighting or structural firefighting.

A Type 2 fire truck may be a great option for a small or medium-sized department looking for a more compact firefighting vehicle. This type of truck typically features a smaller water tank and pump but still has storage capabilities that can hold a lot of equipment. Depending on the jurisdiction, it may also be equipped with a variety of unique tools and equipment, including a deluge gun and/or bundled hose packs.

Often, fire trucks are fitted with audible warning systems that can emit a variety of different sounds depending on the speed and type of maneuver the vehicle is performing. For example, a fire truck driving at high speeds down a highway might be set to a long, sustained “wail” sound while in heavy traffic or in a crowded intersection it might be set to a quicker yelp sound.

Many fire trucks are painted with bright, retroreflective colors to help improve their visibility on the road and in poor lighting conditions. Some fire departments prefer to go with traditional red, while others opt for white with blue stripes or something more creative. In addition to the paint, most fire trucks are outfitted with a wide range of reflective markings on the bumpers and other areas to increase their visibility. Many fire departments also choose to add a flame-retardant finish to their appliances to protect them from chemicals and other substances they encounter while fighting a fire. Some fire trucks are even equipped with a fire suppression system, which can reduce the amount of water needed to fight a blaze.

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