Types of Fire Trucks

Fire trucks have a lot going on under the hood to get their crew to and from emergency scenes. They’re a combination of a personnel carrier, toolbox and water tanker that work together to help firefighters do their jobs safely.

When we think of fire trucks, we usually picture them spraying water at a scene or deploying a ladder to help save a person or animal. While this is part of their function, they also have a number of other important duties that keep firefighters safe.

Firefighting apparatus, or fire trucks, are highly-specialized vehicles that have been customized to meet the needs of a specific fire department. They often carry a variety of equipment, including firefighting hoses, tools, and even medical supplies. Some even have an on-board air system, allowing firefighters to wear their SCBAs while on the way to and from the scene, without having to worry about their air running out.

While there are many different types of fire trucks, they all follow the same basic design. Each is built around a chassis that supports the vehicle’s engine, pump, and equipment storage. The front of the truck holds the captain and driver, and a compartment in the back holds the rest of the crew. Each occupant wears their SCBA, which is hooked up to the truck’s on-board air system. Firefighters can also store their specialized rescue equipment in the back of the truck, keeping it organized and ready to use.

A Type 1 fire truck, sometimes referred to as an engine company or engine pumper, is the most common fire truck in use today. It is designed to support urban, rural and suburban fire departments by carrying all the required NFPA equipment to handle structural firefighting and initial emergency medical services response. These fire trucks typically have a GVWR ranging from 26,000 lbs in Type 1 engines to 14,500 lbs in Type 3 trucks.

Wildland fire trucks are based on commercial 4×4 chassis and are commonly used to support wildfire response and urban interface. These fire trucks are designed to be sleek and maneuverable to manage off-road and variable terrain. They have a high Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to ensure stability and control in these conditions and must be equipped with a fire suppression foam system.

Fire departments can choose to build their own trucks or buy them pre-made, but they must meet NFPA standards for firefighting equipment and gross vehicle weight ratings when fully loaded. The team at US Fire Apparatus can work with your fire department to build the right fire truck for your community’s unique needs.

Built by industry leader HME Ahrens-Fox, this Type 1 Wildland fire truck delivers the perfect balance of safety, handling and durability. Whether responding to wildfires or structural emergencies, this fire truck has the capabilities you need to stay on the job for hours on end. Contact US Fire Apparatus today to learn more about this model or other options for your department.

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