What Are Fire Trucks?

fire trucks

Fire trucks are vehicles that carry emergency equipment and personnel to the scene of a fire. They are designed to fight blazes with a variety of tools, such as pumps, hoses, and emergency lights. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established standards that classify fire trucks and other types of vehicles according to function.

Fire trucks can be divided into two categories, engines and trucks. Engines are used to transport firefighters to the fire scene, while fire trucks are more focused on saving lives. These vehicles are generally triple combination rigs, with a water tank and a ladder. However, some engine trucks contain a fixed deluge gun, which releases a powerful stream of water in a directed direction.

Fire engines can be either pick-up trucks or larger fire trucks, and are often seen in wildland settings. The NFPA requires a minimum of 250 pounds per square inch pressure for a fire engine, which is much higher than the standard for other fire apparatus. Besides carrying water, engine trucks may also have a pump, a hose reel, and a master stream. A typical engine truck has a water tank holding at least 500 gallons and a pump that can provide a maximum of 400 gallons.

Fire trucks are also called upon to tackle structural fires, which require additional support. This means that the crew can be more focused on extinguishing the blaze and helping people escape the burning building. In addition to rescuing people, fire trucks can provide medical assistance.

Engines and fire trucks are designed with specialized features to maximize efficiency. For example, many engines are equipped with headsets, and are designed to be able to carry a crew of up to eight firefighters. Other engine trucks are equipped with preconnects, which connect hoses that are already connected to the fire apparatus. This is an efficient time-saving measure, but it does not offer an infinite supply of water.

Another feature that is unique to engine trucks is a water tender, which is a specialist fire appliance. The water is typically taken from nearby bodies of water or fire hydrants. Although they are especially useful in rural areas, they are not commonly found in urban settings.

Fire trucks are a crucial element of the fire service. They are a crucial means of saving lives and providing emergency first aid. They are designed to provide a variety of emergency tools and equipment, including pumps, hoses, and breathing masks. Their high-intensity artificial lights can be used to illuminate a fire scene at night. It is important that firefighters wear protective gear, such as goggles, when they operate these vehicles.

Some fire trucks are equipped with a turntable, which allows a ladder to be manipulated to reach a particular point. These features make it easier for firefighters to spray water in a specific direction. Additionally, many trucks have ventilation fans, which move air and fumes to disperse them.

The fire truck market has grown rapidly in recent years. Manufacturers are expanding their product portfolio to meet the challenges of the industry. Companies such as Sutphen Corp., E-ONE, and Boise Mobile Equipment are a few of the leading manufacturers of these vehicles.

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