What Are Fire Trucks?

fire trucks

A fire truck is a large, heavy vehicle that carries a variety of equipment for putting out fires and rescuing people. Fire trucks are typically called to fire scenes that involve structural buildings. They are also used to carry firefighters and other personnel to the scene. Often, a fire truck will come equipped with a fire ladder and snorkel. This equipment allows firefighters to access the interior of a building. Other firefighting equipment includes hoses, thermal imaging cameras, chainsaws and fans. These are all essential tools to fight a fire.

Fire trucks are divided into two categories, depending on the size of the fire apparatus. Larger engines and trucks are known as heavy rescue or brush trucks. Medium-sized trucks are known as squad trucks. In some metropolitan areas, they will also carry equipment to help mitigate hazardous materials.

One of the most important features of a fire engine is the pump. It controls the pressure of water being pumped out. This allows firefighters to use the water in an effective and efficient manner. The hose reels on many of these fire trucks make it easy to stow and deploy.

Another feature of a fire truck is its water tank. It can hold thousands of gallons of water, which is crucial to putting out a blaze. Tanker vehicles are especially useful in rural areas, where there is often little water in storage. Water tenders are specialist fire appliances.

Another feature of a fire engine is a “master stream” or fixed deluge gun. This device lets firefighters release a high-pressure stream of water to combat fires. Many fire departments have this type of tool, and it helps to save time and effort.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a standard for automotive fire apparatus. They created a number of acronyms to help describe the different types of vehicles, including the fire truck. Among them is the triple combination rig. It contains a water tank, pump and hose.

There are many fire trucks to choose from. The engine, the hook and ladder and the water tender all have their own unique advantages and drawbacks. While the new Dodge Challenger has 207 horsepower, the fire truck, on the other hand, weighs in at around 500 horsepower.

The fire truck is a major factor in saving lives. If firefighters cannot get to a blaze fast enough, they will have a difficult time putting it out. As a result, it is critical that fire crews be fully prepared. Their tools, hoses and ladders are all designed to work together in the event of an emergency. Several fire trucks have built-in headsets and reference books about firefighting and emergency procedures.

A fire truck is a vital part of any fire department’s arsenal. Unlike an engine, which is primarily used to transport personnel and water, a fire truck is more focused on rescuing people and ventilating a structure. Moreover, the fire truck’s biggest asset is its specialized equipment. Whether it is a fire hose, an air nozzle or a self-contained breathing apparatus, it is the fire truck that is most likely to save a life.

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