What Makes a Firefighter So Great?


A firefighter is a highly skilled person who is involved in the extinguishing of hazardous fires. They also perform rescue operations and help people and animals survive. Firefighters are often referred to as firemen. They are usually male. The job requires a good deal of physical strength and the ability to deal with hazardous situations. To be a firefighter, you must also have a love for working outdoors.

The hiring process typically includes an oral interview, written exam, drug screening, and a physical aptitude and agility test. Candidates must also provide extensive employment history, academic records, and lists of references. The written exam generally covers math, human relations, and life skills, and the physical test will include tests to measure vision, hearing, blood pressure, and heart rate. The psychological test, meanwhile, will cover personality traits specific to the role of a firefighter.

Another trait that firefighters need to possess is a strong work ethic. The ability to learn and improve is an absolute must for a firefighter. It is easy to become complacent and fall behind. Taking a proactive approach to your training, education, and job-related training is vital in order to maintain your firefighter certification. In addition, you must be willing to sacrifice many things for the safety of your community. So, what is it that makes a firefighter so great?

In addition to their day-to-day duties, firefighters are often called to respond to non-fire-related emergencies as well. In such situations, firefighters are responsible for securing the scene until ambulances arrive. In addition to firefighting, firefighters also help in disaster relief by searching for missing people and educating the public about the dangers of fire. Many firefighters are also responsible for preventing fires by acting as inspectors. These professionals make sure that local businesses follow fire codes and maintain working sprinkler systems. Some firefighters also become investigators.

Other essential information that firefighters need to know are their working hours and benefits. Many people want to know how many hours a firefighter works on an average day. Firefighters work around eight to 12 hours on average, and may even work 24-hour shifts. They may spend time on pre-emergency plans, inspecting businesses, checking hydrants, and talking to schools. The description should be short and to the point.

A firefighter must have the courage to make quick decisions under pressure and work long hours at a disaster site. Firefighting is a physical occupation that requires a lot of strength. Firefighters must be able to lift heavy equipment, move around debris at an emergency site, and carry injured victims. They also need to be able to carry a heavy victim. They must also have compassion. But these are just some of the traits a firefighter should have.

In addition to being physically fit, a firefighter should also have strong communication skills. Often, they must go inside a burning building to find the victims or the source of the fire. In addition, firefighters must be able to lift and balance heavy objects. Firefighters must also be quick to identify potential problems and communicate it to others. It’s also essential to be physically fit and able to perform all physical duties around the fire station.

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