What to Do After a Fire Accident

Fire is a devastating event that causes property damage and serious injuries. In some cases, victims suffer traumatic burns that require costly medical care and rehabilitation, as well as permanent disfigurement. A fire accident is often the result of negligent actions, which may give rise to a personal injury lawsuit. The experienced lawyers at Shuman Legal help victims pursue the maximum compensation possible.

After a fire, it is important to take photographs and video of the damages. Doing so will provide evidence of the extent of your losses and the financial cost to you. Be sure to protect these documents and keep them in a safe place until instructed by your attorney.

Immediately after a fire, it is also essential to contact your insurance company and follow their instructions regarding property cleanup and securing your premises. This includes boarding up windows, covering roof openings and deterring unauthorized access and theft. Boarding up also helps to protect against additional weather damage and potential mold and mildew growth.

It is also important to notify all impacted individuals and business associates of the fire incident. This includes employees, contractors, vendors and customers of all capacities. Notification also includes relatives and friends of the victim. This ensures that individuals and businesses can make arrangements to meet new deadlines and schedules to sustain a working relationship in the future.

Workplace fires are a common and dangerous occurrence. Unlike home fires, workplace fires are most often caused by equipment failure or other negligence. These types of issues may occur because of inadequate maintenance, electrical problems, or simply not following proper safety protocol.

Restaurants and bakeries are at a high risk for kitchen accidents caused by distracted employees, while factories, warehouses, and construction sites face risks from faulty machinery or other electrical malfunctions. Smoking is also a common cause of workplace fires, even in companies that have designated themselves as non-smoking.

Even minor burns can cause severe and debilitating injuries that result in permanent complications, loss of limbs, and disfigurement. These injuries can lead to a diminished quality of life and enormous financial expenses for the victim. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the fire, the victim can file a claim for damages against any number of parties. This may include the owner of the property, if it was damaged by negligent or reckless actions. In some cases, the victim may also be entitled to punitive damages. These damages are intended to punish a defendant for particularly gross or willful negligence. In addition to damages related to the physical and psychological suffering of a burn injury, a victim might also receive compensation for lost wages and future expected income, as well as monetary payments for the loss of life’s pleasures and consortium. Contact the experienced attorneys at Shuman Legal for a consultation on your case. We can review workers’ comp, your rights to compensation and the entire process to get you a fair settlement. If you aren’t satisfied with your current settlement offer, we will fight to obtain a higher one.

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