What to Do If You Have Been in a Fire Accident

A fire accident can be a devastating event. It can destroy personal property, cause serious injuries and leave victims with permanent losses. It is a fast-moving disaster that can quickly consume whatever is in its path. Whether it is a residential or commercial fire, the damages can be severe and expensive to recover from. If you have been in a fire accident, it is important to contact the experienced attorneys at Malman Law to discuss your options.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

The smoke generated by a fire is filled with toxic substances that can harm people and damage their possessions. Inhalation of the chemical irritants can aggravate the mucous membranes and lining of the lungs and lead to respiratory distress. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also impair brain function and even result in death. The smell of smoke can also trigger headache, dizziness and weakness.

While many people think of a house fire as an unavoidable tragedy, the fact is that most such accidents are preventable. The vast majority of fires are caused by careless behavior. This includes faulty wiring, improper appliance use, smoking and leaving cooking food unattended.

Workplace Fires

While fires are more common in residential settings, there are still a significant number of workplace incidents each year. Offices, factories and construction sites are filled with potential hazards such as outdated or faulty equipment, improper storage of combustible materials, discarded cigarettes and improperly used heating systems.

Fire-related injuries can be extremely painful and disfiguring. Victims of these types of accidents may require extensive long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy. They may also suffer from chronic pain, loss of limb mobility and permanent scarring.

When a fire accident occurs, it is important to act quickly and follow the advice of emergency services. It is also a good idea to contact a burn injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. These legal professionals can help you to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties and recover the compensation that you deserve.

After the fire is extinguished, it is important to take steps to protect your property from further damage and theft. This can include boarding up windows and doors and securing tarps over holes in the roof or walls. It is also a good idea to hire an experienced restoration company to sort through and clean the wreckage of your home or business. Some items that did not burn up may be ruined by soot and water used to put out the flames.

After a fire, it is essential to take it one day at a time and remember that the recovery process is a slow and sometimes frustrating one. Taking it one step at a time can make things easier on everyone involved, especially for the victim. The first thing to do is call your insurance agent or company so they can tell you when it is safe to reenter the building and what your policy covers. You can also ask for the names of reputable companies that specialize in fire damage restoration.

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