Becoming a Firefighter


If you are looking for a career with a great deal of responsibility, you should consider becoming a firefighter. A firefighter is a highly trained professional who can save lives and extinguish hazardous fires. You will also have the opportunity to rescue people and animals from burning structures. You can pursue a career in this field by obtaining certification or by becoming a volunteer. There are many benefits to becoming a firefighter, so it is a great choice for people who enjoy helping others.

One of the leading causes of firefighter deaths is structural collapse, which can collapse a building without warning and crush firefighters inside. To prevent this, all on-duty firefighters should maintain two-way radio communication with incident commanders and wear a personal alert safety system device. This device was developed by Francis Brannigan, who was killed in the year 2000 by a collapse of a building in New York. The PAPS device enables firefighters to communicate with each other while inside a burning building and during the extinguishment process.

Firefighters are required to undergo intensive training before they are allowed to work. In addition to training, new firefighters must meet strict fitness requirements before they are allowed to begin work. This ensures that firefighters can perform their job well under pressure. A firefighter’s job is extremely challenging, and many firefighters choose this career path to stay in the field for years. There are several benefits to this career, including good upward mobility and low stress. For many people, this is a rewarding career that provides a fulfilling life.

As a firefighter, you can expect to work long hours. Firefighters work 24-hour shifts. Typical shifts begin at 7 a.m., but you can also expect to start your shift a little earlier if you want. Your shifts will include pre-emergency planning, inspection of fire hydrants, and communication with schools. Moreover, a firefighter’s daily work will include a variety of tasks, from running calls to educating the public about the dangers of the fire.

Firefighters are the first responders to a fire, and they will often work closely with law enforcement and other emergency response agencies. Fire marshals and investigators investigate fires, and firefighters often collaborate with other agencies to determine what caused the fire. Many firefighters also perform emergency medical services, and some of them may even be certified as paramedics. They are trained to administer advanced life support and treat injured victims. When a fire is a result of an accident, firefighters may perform other duties, including providing basic life support.

To become a firefighter, you must have a high school diploma and be at least 18 years of age. After completing the requirements, you can apply for an apprenticeship program, which usually lasts up to four years. During this time, you will receive classroom instruction alongside hands-on training under experienced firefighters. To become a firefighter, you must also obtain certification in emergency medical technology (EMT), which will enable you to administer first aid.

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