How to Become a Firefighter


A firefighter is a person who undergoes extensive training in the field of firefighting. They are trained to fight hazardous fires, and sometimes also rescue people and animals. A firefighter is a man and sometimes called a fireman. Here are some facts about firefighting:

Most firefighters work shifts of 24 hours on, 48 hours off. They usually report to duty at seven a.m., and may not see their family for a few days. Forest firefighters, on the other hand, may work for longer. According to the U.S. Forest Service, wildland firefighters work on average for fourteen or twenty-one days before they return home. During these shifts, they will also engage in a variety of training, including pre-emergency plans, inspecting fire hydrants, and talking to local schools.

While many candidates want to know how to become a firefighter, very few inquire about job stability. Generally, advancement in the public sector is tied to rank and training. However, firefighters can also advance from firefighter to engineer or lieutenant to captain and battalion chief. Moreover, firefighters who complete continuing education courses can advance to a higher position. This way, they can earn more money and be more responsible.

There are several types of risks firefighters face while performing their duties. During emergency calls, firefighters board fire trucks and race through the streets, while inclement weather and inattentive pedestrians can put them at risk. When they jump out of planes to fight fires in inaccessible areas, they face dangers from falling objects and fire-engulfed buildings. Wildfires also often change direction, making them trapped. Therefore, it is important to practice being a firefighter before embarking on the career.

Before joining a fire department, an applicant must pass a written exam, drug screening, and background investigation. In addition, he or she must pass a physical aptitude/agilty test and pass a medical exam. During the written exam, the applicant must answer questions on math and human relations. Physical tests also include the assessment of hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, and blood pressure. Lastly, a psychological exam is conducted to measure personality traits that contribute to performance in a firefighter.

Become a firefighter requires the completion of a high school diploma and training in emergency response and emergency medical services. A clean criminal history and good eyesight are required. Once a candidate passes the test, they can apply for employment in a state or wilderness firefighting agency. There are several other ways to become a firefighter. The educational requirements vary by state and local fire departments. The goal of becoming a firefighter is to earn a high-quality job.

A firefighter wears protective clothing, including a firefighter helmet, shield, and a fire-resistant shirt. These are designed to protect the firefighter from fire-related hazards, such as heat, flames, and smoke. The firefighter’s gear may be bulky or large, but these protective gears help him stay safe during a stressful situation. Some fire departments offer an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship programs combine intensive classroom instruction with hands-on training under a senior firefighter. It takes approximately four years to complete, but it doesn’t guarantee a permanent position in the department.

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