How to Control Fire


Fire is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It can be hypnotic and beautiful to watch, but it is also dangerous and destructive. Fortunately, we have learned how to control fire and use it for many useful purposes.

Fire occurs when a combustible fuel, such as wood or gasoline, comes into contact with oxygen at a high enough temperature that the atoms of the fuel break apart from each other and react with the surrounding air molecules to release heat energy in the form of gaseous particles called flames. Depending on the kind of fuel, it may release other gases as well, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. If the atoms of the fuel are released into the air and there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere, this chemical reaction can continue as long as the heat of the burning fuel keeps it hot.

The speed at which the fuel burns influences how fast and large the fire spreads. For example, if you start with a pile of damp wood, it will take a longer time to ignite and burn than if you started with a bed of coals. The shape and arrangement of the pieces of fuel also impacts how fast the fire grows. A smokier, more diffuse flame has less surface area and spreads slower than a sharper, more concentrated flame.

Despite all of its destructive power, fire has been used by humans for millennia. We have used it to clear land and promote new growth, for cooking, generating light and warmth in shelters and caves, and for signaling and communication. We have heated metals and ceramics over fire to make tools, weapons, and armor. Fire has been used in rituals and art, as a source of inspiration and entertainment, and even as a method of torture and death.

Fire can be caused by a variety of factors, including lightning and human activity. The wildfires that ravaged several countries over the past year cost lives, destroyed millions of acres of forest, and released billions of pounds worth of greenhouse gases. Some scientists fear that the ecological damage done by these blazes may be irreversible.

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