Types of Fire Trucks

When you hear the words fire truck, the image that comes to mind is of a large red vehicle with blaring sirens and spraying water. This is a great picture of what fire trucks are, but that’s only part of the story. These large red vehicles carry a variety of important equipment that’s needed to assist firefighters at a fire scene.

Fire departments are often called to respond quickly to fires and other emergencies. They need to have a variety of tools at their disposal in order to handle every situation that may arise. These tools range from mitigating hazardous materials to conducting technical rescues, and they all need to be transported in a safe and efficient manner. In most cases, these tools are stored in a large fire truck.

These massive machines not only transport firemen to the scene but also carry pumps, water tanks, hoses and a variety of other important equipment. The exact configuration of what’s carried in the fire truck depends on the specific needs of the department that uses it. However, the National Fire Protection Association has developed a standard that classifies firefighting trucks into different types. This helps them find the right truck for their unique needs.

A conventional fire truck is the most common type of fire truck used today. It escorts firefighters and the most essential equipment like ladders, breathing apparatuses and hydraulic rescue tools to the scene of an emergency. These vehicles have a fixed deluge gun that can release a powerful stream of water to control and extinguish fires. Conventional fire trucks can also connect to external water sources such as fire hydrants when their onboard supply runs out.

Some of these vehicles are equipped with a preconnect system that enables them to switch from their onboard tank to an external fire hydrant flow source without interrupting the water spraying process. They can also use a blitz line that’s built into the front bumper to extinguish small fires like garbage and car fires. These fire trucks usually have compressed air tanks that provide firefighters with a quick source of air that can be used to blow out flames or open doors.

Firefighting trucks can also be equipped with an articulating boom that can be extended to reach areas that are hard to get to. This is a very useful feature for fires that are in tall buildings or other structures that require a more aerial approach. These vehicles are also able to hold specialty equipment like thermal imaging cameras for spotting hidden fires and cutting-edge foam systems that can help extinguish stubborn fires.

The team at Marion Body Works takes pride in building fire trucks that can help our local communities fight the war against dangerous blazes. We work closely with fire chiefs and crew members to design trucks that meet their exact specifications and requirements. They can choose from a number of innovative features and components and even see their truck being constructed in our factory. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your fire department.

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