What Does a Firefighter Do?


Usually the first person on the scene of a fire, a firefighter is a professional trained to extinguish hazardous fires and rescue victims of fires. They work closely with other emergency personnel to ensure that fires do not spread and to prevent future fires.

A firefighter may be called upon to perform other duties as well. They may be called to inspect commercial and residential properties to make sure that they are safe from fire. They may also be asked to help with company inspections, public education, and other related activities.

They must be physically fit and have a willingness to help others. They must also be able to maintain equipment and vehicles, and be capable of evacuating victims of fires. They may also be called to perform rescues of animals and other victims of natural disasters. A firefighter may also be trained to assist in medical emergencies.

To get into the fire service, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Depending on the specific position, you may also need to get a college degree, or a certificate in fire science or emergency medical technology. A good way to find out what is needed for a position in your area is to call your local fire department and ask. You may also want to check the local newspaper or other sources to see if any openings are being advertised. You can also use online job search sites to find firefighting positions.

A firefighter is expected to undergo regular training and maintain good physical fitness. They may be asked to take part in agility tests and other tests of physical ability. They may also need to take a written test to determine their reading, writing, and reasoning abilities.

They may also be asked to take a psychological evaluation. Lastly, they may be asked to pass a fitness test, known as a Candidate Physical Ability Test.

The firefighter may also be required to take part in a training program to learn how to use various firefighting equipment. Some firefighters are trained to investigate and remove objects from a burning building. Other firefighters specialize in stabilizing victims when they are brought out of a burning structure.

Some cities also have specialized training programs for firefighters, which provide ongoing education. These programs may also help you understand specific job requirements and how to best prepare for the job. You can find more information about firefighting in books and other media.

One thing to consider when you are considering a firefighting career is the type of culture you would like to be associated with. Having a strong cultural identity can help you stand out in a crowded field. For example, firefighters who speak Korean, Mandarin, or Hmong may be more likely to be hired than others who speak English.

There are many books available that offer information about the best practices for conducting a job interview. You can also videotape a simulated interview to learn more about the interviewer’s body language and other nuances.

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