Fire Stations

fire stations

Almost every home and business is within six minutes of a fire station. Fire stations store firefighting apparatus, personal protective equipment, and specialized equipment. In addition, fire stations often provide living and training facilities for firefighters. Some fire stations also host public events, such as fundraisers. Fire stations also conduct regular inspections.

Fire stations are usually named after the fire company that operates them, or after the primary fire apparatus. Some stations are staffed with career firefighters while others are staffed by on-call personnel. Fire stations are also used to conduct training drills.

The City of Roseville operates eight fire stations. They are strategically located to ensure that fire departments have a quick response to emergencies. The Fire Department is responsible for protecting the City’s property, assets, and citizens. The Fire Department is also responsible for regulating fire codes and developing new regulations. The Fire Department trains firefighters in many areas, including trench rescue, top water rescue, extrication, and emergency medical services. The Fire Department also has numerous specialized teams, such as Hazardous Materials, Dive Rescue, and Technical Rescue.

Stations staffed with full-time firefighters are manned 24 hours a day. They are led by company officers, such as battalion chiefs and battalion captains. The Fire Department is ISO Class 1, which is the highest rating. The ISO rating measures the quality of the Fire Department’s staffing, response times, apparatus, and station distribution. The Insurance Services Office also evaluates the fire departments’ staffing, equipment, and response times.

The Richland Fire and Emergency Services team operates out of five stations within the City. Station #71 is the Administrative Headquarters for the team. This station is located on George Washington Way and Swift Boulevard. It serves as the headquarters for the administrative staff and serves as the station for the Fire Chief.

Station 11 is home to Engine 11, Truck 11, Rescue Ambulance 11, and Hazmat Unit 11. The Fire Department’s Tactical Rescue Team vehicle, Rescue 11, also operates out of Station 11. The Station has an aviation firefighting vehicle and a communications vehicle. The Station also houses a classroom for fire training. The Station has a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) testing facility.

The Central Fire Station serves the eastern portion of Hot Springs. This station is staffed with a lieutenant and driver/operator. The Fire Chief’s office and public information department are also located at this station. The Central Fire Station also houses the department’s command vehicle, which is numbered 121.

Station 6 is staffed with a firefighter and two driver/operators. The station is located next to the Fire Department’s Drill Tower. The station also contains an alarm system that can be used to alert firefighters of emergencies. The fire station also contains a trophy wall and a trophy case.

Station #72 is located at Keene Road and Gage Boulevard. This station was built in 1958. The Station was renovated in the mid-2000s. It serves the CityView area of the city. The Fire Department recommissioned Station 7 in August 2017. It is also located next to the Dairy Queen.

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