Types of Fire Extinguishers

fire extinguisher

Generally speaking, a fire extinguisher is a device that is filled with a smothering material. They are generally fitted in buildings and are usually kept at points of fire. They are also used in commercial and industrial settings. They are also used on motor vehicles. The type of extinguisher you choose will depend on the size of the vehicle and the types of fires that you expect to be fighting.

The most common type of fire extinguisher is made of dry chemical powder or foam. These extinguishers have the advantage of being portable and easy to carry. They are also less hazardous than other types of extinguishers. They can be used on a variety of types of fire, including Class A, B and C fires. The materials are also easy to maintain.

Another type of extinguisher is a water-based one. These extinguishers have been developed to fight fires from electrical appliances and liquids. These extinguishers contain water in a tall stainless steel cylinder. The cylinders are usually lined with polyethylene. They may have jet or spray nozzles. The water is able to cool the burning materials by absorbing the heat. They are considered to be the least hazardous extinguishers.

Another type of extinguisher used in the United States is a cartridge-operated extinguisher. They use compressed carbon dioxide instead of nitrogen. They also have the advantage of being able to recharge the extinguisher. These extinguishers have a release valve that prevents the gas from escaping. Some models have a pressure gauge that indicates how much pressure is being applied to the fire. This is especially useful for low-temperature models.

Some extinguishers are manufactured with a chemical or surfactant to further penetrate the burning materials. The extinguishing agents are then released at high pressure from the nozzle of the extinguisher. They are used on fires involving burning liquids, metals and wood. These extinguishers are available in dry chemical, foam and water types.

The most popular type of extinguisher is sodium bicarbonate. It is also known as baking soda, as it starts to decompose at 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The gas is released when the baking soda decomposes. In some jurisdictions, a monthly inspection is required. This is usually done by a qualified technician. The extinguisher should be cleaned periodically, and the parts should not rust. Depending on the type of extinguisher, you may have to pay for installation or commissioning. If you do not want to pay for these services, you can always buy a cheaper, private label version of a major brand.

Fire extinguishers are not mandatory in regular cars. However, NFPA 10 requires all commercial vehicles to carry at least one extinguisher. They are also required in fuel tankers. In addition, fire extinguishers are required in buildings and other public areas. They are also fitted on boats and aircraft. They are required by law in many jurisdictions. They reduce fire damage before firefighters arrive.

Fire extinguishers are also regulated by federal and state agencies. Most jurisdictions use fire codes that are consistent with the National Fire Protection Association’s standards.

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