What Are Fire Trucks?

fire trucks

Generally, a fire truck is an emergency vehicle used for fire fighting and rescue operations. It is used to bring water to the scene and to carry essential equipment. It can also be used to provide medical treatment. It carries a large ladder and other equipment for rescue operations. Fire trucks also carry a first aid kit, ventilating equipment, and hydraulic rescue tools. They also have a large water tank, which can be used to extinguish a fire.

There are several different types of fire trucks, but they all have one common purpose. Fire departments can request a specific type of engine. Regardless of which type they choose, each fire truck must meet certain specifications, such as the size of the water tank, the number of firefighters, and the number of hoses. Fire departments also have to keep up with the latest equipment, rules, and regulations. The National Fire Protection Association developed a standard for automotive fire apparatus, which has universal standards. These standards specify the number of firefighters, the minimum size of the water tank, and the maximum number of hoses. The NFPA also established standard wildland fire resource typing.

Generally, fire trucks are designed to carry four firefighters, although some are equipped with first aid kits and chainsaws. It is important that each fire truck has ground ladders and a rear access door. The vehicle also has to be equipped with two and a half inch thick hoses. It may also have additional structural gear, such as a hazmat kit.

A fire truck can also be equipped with a power take-off pump, which allows the vehicle to remain in motion while fighting a fire. These are used to extinguish a fire until more firefighters arrive. This is particularly useful for wildland firefighting. Some of the latest fire trucks can also be equipped with radio systems, which allow firefighters to communicate with back-end crews at the main fire department.

Another important part of firefighting equipment is the air tank, which holds compressed air. This tank has a minimum of 40 minutes of air, and can be strapped on while firefighters are seated. Firefighters can also fill the tank with breathing gases, which can provide immediate assistance to fire victims. They can also use breathing masks, fans, and chainsaws.

A fire truck also has a fixed deluge gun, which is a large water spray gun. It is connected to an external, permanent water source. A fire truck can also have an articulating boom, which is a flexible extension that allows the truck to go “up and over” an obstacle. Fire departments can also request a brush truck, which is used to extinguish brush fires. These are typically used in rural areas.

A fire truck also has a large telescopic ladder, which can be extended to reach the top floors of a building. The ladder can also be raised with a hydraulic piston rod. It is usually equipped with a master stream hose.

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